FROM £ 21,975

The Citroën Dispatch

This generation Citroën Dispatch has an architecture optimised to be even more convenient, comfortable and safe. It incorporates the latest generations of driving aid technologies and engines, providing Unlimited Possibilities for you and your business. Available in 3 lengths, it comes with:

• Optional hands-free sliding side doors

• Up to 1400 kg payload

• Up to 6.6 m3 of useful volume

• Up to 4 m useful length

• 1.25 m width between wheel arches


New Citroën ë-Dispatch - 100% electric and Citroën Dispatch both offer the same modularity, interior space, loading capacities and driving aids. Citroën ë-Dispatch is also available in three lengths, ideal for driving in increasingly frequent low emission zones. It is up to you to choose from this complete range the vehicle that corresponds to your activity.

  • Head-up colour display
  • Dispatch Combi
  • Hands-free sliding side doors
  • Moduwork
  • Mobile office
  • Three lengths